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Welcome to the home page of District 20-Y, of Multiple District 20, the great Lions and Leos of New York State and Bermuda. This site is dedicated to keeping all of our members well-informed and connected to each other as well as our Multiple and International Associations. 

On behalf of District Governor Paul Forestiere, please visit us often!

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Central NY Lions (20-Y) District Governor Paul A. Forestiere II 

Message from the District Governor

Moving Forward Together is my personal interpretation of the famous Walt Disney quote “Keep Moving Forward”.

A man of vision with an incredible will to succeed, he fell backwards many times, personally and professionally, but always got back on his feet and forged ahead.

In my own life, I often think of Walt’s drive to move forward; I remind myself, and others around me, of the need to “Keep Moving Forward” in life. I believe that Lions members are a community of people who come together for the common purpose of making our communities better places to live, work and raise our families. We achieve great things by working together with a clear vision of what we hope our actions will accomplish. It is only through our shared efforts that real, sustainable change can occur. Our shared efforts can do great things.

Even in those instances when we hold the view of someone as a hero or as a leader of great accomplishments, we must remember that even those people achieved their accomplishments because they utilized the time and talent of those who came before them. The greatest accomplishments of our society are the result of the efforts of many people working together.

Working in concert with those who have served before me, I consider it an honor and a privilege to serve as the District Governor for a group of Lions that are dedicated, incredibly talented and truly concerned about their communities and their world. With this in mind, my sincere request of the Lions of District 20-Y is that we continue to do great things by Moving Forward Together.

District Governor Paul A. Forestiere II 

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