Health Salad for the Growth of Lionism

PDG Frank Rodriguez, District 20-Y1

MD-20 Secretary Treasurer

Start with 5 heads of Lettuce:

LET US understand the goals and targets

LET US increase our skills

LET US participate fully

LET US earn respect and empowerment

LET US understand Lion's needs and wants

Prepare 5 cups of Peas:






Add 3 cups of Squash:

SQUASH gossip

SQUASH criticism

SQUASH indifference

Toss in the right amount of Turnips:

TURN UP at meetings on time

TURN UP with a smile

TURN UP with new ideas

TURN UP with a determination to make everything count for something good and worthwhile

Serving Size:

Makes enough to serve an entire organization. And have fun...Just for the halibut!

For Variety:

Cut the bologna, add the beef, cut the corn, eliminate the sour grapes, patch the leeks, and skip the pickles.