Rebuilding a Lions Club Seminar Note

MD20-Y1 Cabinet Meeting

September 20, 2009

Rebuilding a Lions Club Seminar

Audience members watched a skit performed by Lions Jen Servedio, Frank Servedio, Don Rhodes, Angela Rhodes, PDG Paul Haynes and PDG Smitty.

Each table of Lions worked in groups to brainstorm ideas and solutions for the club portrayed in the skit.

The information from the brainstorming sessions is listed below.

Session 1 - Assessing the Club

Is it worth saving?

* Community has a need for Lions, so it is worth saving for that.

Are they willing to make the change? Why did they become Lions?

o Conflict of what they used to do

Honor the past but spring-board to future

* Goals and project: What to do

o Member capacity: do what you can with the numbers you have

They seemed to have lost the focus

They showed up?

* Are they willing to be taken over?

o Build on the interest of being a Lion.

Rekindle the reason for being a Lion.

* Save the club

How would you get them started? What needed to change? How do you attract new members?

* Organization: Reports were non-existent

No pledges, announcements

No planning for future projects

No professionalism or caring

o attracting new members: make them feel welcome

publicize in community for image

* Get a mentor for reorganization

o Have a joint meeting w/in their district

* Attendance

o Clarify duties

Set goals/budgets, agenda

District leadership

Be accountable

* Projects to work on

o Revitalize



Membership Drive

* Order in doing things

o Establish goals so new members see organization

Orientation / re-training of officers

Stop the “we tried” attitude

Bring new ideas

* No negative in Lions

Disorganization: need guiding Lion or DG to participate in this club more often

MERL should work together for membership

Pancake breakfast: find a new location

Session 2 - Service Projects and Fundraisers

What service projects can they do? No $, what can they do with their $200 to get back on their feet?

* Pancake breakfast: find another location

Craft fair: enhance it, don't give up

Every club in a school district: do a recognition of students who volunteer in community

Eyeglass collection drive: doesn't cost anything

o Boxes

Partner with a business

* Offer transport to different places for community

Special Olympics volunteer

Work at Camp Badger/ Lookout: Volunteer

Blood drive, health clinics

o Screenings

5k run

* Christmas party for kids

o contact chamber of commerce

Session 3 - Membership

As a mentoring Lion, how are you going to get new members into this club?

Get local publicity so people know who Lions are and what they do

Go out and recruit for those

Many don't know that Lions is an outlet

Young Leos can be started, Lions can help out the schools

Get younger members: what do you mean by “younger”

Target: where do you want to do?

What are you willing to accept as “younger”

#1 competitor volunteer fire departments

35-40 is ideal

Don't peg for certain age group, someone that will get involved may be who you didn't expect

Problem: people who are already such “doers” that they are already overcommitted

30-50 is the soccer mom, football guy

Participate as a family, bring kids to meetings

Share responsibility of watching kids

Biggest disadvantage is the school district

so much to do, they would take turns


Contact former members: why did they drop out?


Wanted posters

Paying Initiation/membership cost for new membership

Make the Club family friendly

Open arms to everyone: women, families, spouse club

Get help from district, zone, etc

Identify those that have been helped by Lionism in the past

Sponsor role is the important thing

Called every time there was a meeting

Paid first year membership